Lovely Lilies

It’s water lily season! We hope everyone is having a great summer, and with air temperatures rising the water temperatures are also climbing making it prime water lily blooming season as well! (above) A trio of White Juno night blooming water lilies. These white flowers are 10″ in diameter and open in the evening and … Read more

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Coming to Life

Our natural pools in the Northeast are waking up and coming to life, providing their owners with beautiful, chemical-free waters. In Mendham, NJ we had the opportunity to check in on a pool going into its second season of operation and it looked amazing! The plants are coming back and blooming. Lilly pads are floating … Read more

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Spring Has Sprung

It’s pool opening time in the Northeast! Natural pools require a special kind of maintenance in the spring to ensure they are ready for the coming swimming season. In addition to cleaning out swimming area and regeneration zones of debris that ha accumulated over the winter, some replanting may also be necessary to supplement the … Read more

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