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Natural Swimming Pools are poised for significant growth in the coming years and it is evident that the Landscape and Garden industry is in the best position to capture this growing portion of the recreational “swimming pool” market due to their involvement in the installation of natural waterscapes like garden ponds, streams, & waterfalls.

BioNova® routinely works with Landscape design professionals to help bring your clients dream into reality. With your design and our process, we welcome the opportunity to partner with you and your client… the earlier the better.

Once retained via our PreConstruction Planning Agreement we will require a topographic survey of the project area and your design idea to merge form with function. We can do as little or as much as you require. If you have the means to build, we will provide the plans for construction and work with your contractor and oversee key phases of the project to insure the project is BioNova Certified. OR we can mobilize an authorized BioNova Dealer to do the complete installation of the natural swimming pool and equipment.

Allen Schnaak
VP Dealer Development
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