BioNova® Video Gallery

A BioPool® construction from Fox Steel and PoolHide® - Waterscapes by Jesse Dutra, Massachusetts

A relaxing NSP by Freddy and Company in Greenwich, CT.

Liz Pulver, Landscape Architect, interviews BioNova's Allen Schnaak in a comprehensive 1 hour overview of NSPs.

Discover the benefits of natural pools vs. traditional pools. Landscape Architect Liz Pulver will discuss natural swimming pools with Allen Schnaak of BioNova Natural Pools. You'll discover the benefits of natural vs. traditional pools (with chemicals), understand the maintenance and budget implications of natural pools + how to retrofit a pool you already have.

NSP Bird's Eye View

BioNova® specializes in creating sustainable, environmentally friendly outdoor living spaces. Check out this video to see some aerial views of our Natural Swimming Pool in Princeton, NJ.

Daphnia: Valuable Residents of the NSP BioSwimPond®

The BioNova® BioSwimPond® is teeming with life. Phytoplankton, beneficial microbes, insects, amphibians, freshwater mollusks, and zooplankton such as Daphnia pulex are signs of a healthy ecosystem and are valuable residents of the NSP. Did you know that a healthy population of Daphnia, a small freshwater crustacean, can filter approximately 16% of the total volume of water in a Natural Swimming Pool every day?

BioNova® Podcast

This 30 minute interview with BioNova® President James Robyn will provide you with an excellent overview of Natural Swimming Pools, how they work, design aesthetics, the history of NSPs, and the basics of our patented biological filtration technology.

BioNova® Natural Pools - Quality Process

The BioNova® Natural Pools Quality Process consists of a series of checkpoints and controls that occur during the design and construction of your BioNova® Natural Swimming Pool. This important Quality Process means that you'll enjoy the Peace of Mind that comes from knowing that your BioNova® Natural Swimming Pool was built to the rigorous high standards of our BioNova® Dealers, and that our headquarters is reviewing all of the design work and requiring that the construction of your Natural Swimming Pool is in conformance with our Quality Process checkpoints and documentation.

Anthony Archer-Wills Collaborates with BioNova®

Would you like Anthony Archer-Wills, world-renowned water gardener and star of Animal Plant's hit TV series The Pool Master, to create your backyard oasis? The first step to a luxury Natural Swimming Pool that is completely chemical-free and eco-friendly is to Contact BioNova.

Martha's Vineyard NSP Walking Tour

Take a tour of the first BioNova® Natural Swimming Pool in Martha's Vineyard with BioNova® Dealer Jesse Dutra.

Waterscapes by Jesse Dutra

BioNova® Dealer Jesse Dutra offers design and construction services for BioNova® Natural Swimming Pools for the Cape and the Islands as well as the Greater Boston, MA area. Please visit for more information.

Webber Natural Swimming Pool in North Minneapolis

Webber Natural Swimming Pool on the north side of Minneapolis is the first chemical-free, biologically filtered public swimming pool in North America.

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