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Why We Do It

The earthWater. The most important and most basic necessity of life on earth. The planet Earth is defined by it. Early civilizations anchored their developing cities near it. Nature thrives in it, and our bodies depend on it. It regulates our temperature, carries nutrients and oxygen to our cells, cushions our joints, protects our organs and tissues, and removes our waste. Without water to replenish and hydrate our bodies, we would survive less than a week. There is the same amount of water on the planet now that was on the planet when the earth was formed. And while 97% of the water on earth is saltwater, 2% is locked up in the ice caps and glaciers, only 1% of the water on the planet is available for our agricultural, manufacturing, and personal needs. A scarce resource, becoming even more scarce as we all compete for this remaining 1%.

BioNova® Leads the Way

BioNova®'s history in North America began in 2007, when James and Hae-Sun Robyn pioneered bringing the BioNova® systems from Germany. Since then, BioNova® has been the First in every category of marketing, installation, technological innovation, maintenance, training, product provision, Dealer support, and education for NSPs in North America.

  • BioNova® is the largest/oldest Natural Swimming Pool (NSP) systems provider in North America.
  • BioNova® has completed more NSP installations in North America than all other systems providers combined.
  • BioNova® is wholly American owned and operated.

Other significant Firsts include:

  • BioNova® is the leading systems provider in North America and the first to have successful NSP installations in climates from California to Connecticut and from Toronto to Texas.
  • BioNova® is the first systems provider to build an NSP in the USA and Canada.
  • BioNova® expertise was used for the design and installation of the first Public NSP in North America at Webber Park in Minneapolis, MN.
  • BioNova® is the first to have Dealers in North America (since 2007) and continues to have more Dealers than all other systems providers.


  • BioNova® is the only NSP systems provider to have a complete support staff based in North America.
  • BioNova® is the only NSP systems provider to have a complete warehouse and distribution facility in North America.
  • BioNova® Dealers were the first to receive training in North America and have attended regular training courses in English every year since 2008.
  • BioNova® is the only swimming pool company in the US to exhibit at the US Green Building Council Greenbuild Expo.

And finally:

  • BioNova® has lectured at more venues in North America than all other NSP firms combined - see our What We've Been Doing page to see how we continue to lead the way.
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