Frequently Asked Questions

Building a Natural Swimming Pool is a complex process that should be professionally engineered, designed, and constructed to ensure the water is properly filtered and naturally purified. Recent advances in the use of biofilm filters have simplified the natural purification process by eliminating the need for a large planted regeneration zone. With this option, a Natural Swimming Pool is less complex, but it still requires an exacting measure of construction skills best left to a knowledgeable builder.

BioNova® can be engaged to provide a construction plan that, if executed according to design, can yield a beautiful and functional Natural Swimming Pool. However, in order for the pool to be a BioNova® Certified Natural Swimming Pool it must be installed or supervised by one of our licensed builders. This oversight ensures that the final product provides you with years of naturally purified enjoyment without the frustration resulting from poor execution. Contact us and we can discuss the viable options for your project.

A word of caution… misinformation about Natural Swimming Pools (and other topics) is widespread on the internet. “Install a Natural Swimming Pool for $2,000” sounds too good to be true, right? Because it is… too good to be true.

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