Conversions & Renovations

Conversion to a BioNova® Natural Swimming Pool can be done on most existing swimming pools.  Water treatment for achieving naturally purified water can be done by:

  • A planted regeneration zone

    The regeneration zone should be approximately the same surface area as the swimming zone and include planted aquatic vegetation and a sedimentation filter, creating an NSP BioSwimPond™.

  • A biofilm filter

    This engineered environment replaces the need for a planted regeneration zone.  The water is treated by routing the water through the biofilm filter, removing nutrients in the process, creating an NSP BioPool®.

  • A combination of plants and biofilm

    Providing the aesthetics of a natural pond, with the natural purification provided by the biofilm filter, creating an NSP BioSwimPond™.

It is also possible to convert or transform an existing pond into a BioNova® natural swimming environment. BioNova® can provide an assessment of the feasibility for these projects.

There are several methods for performing a conversion and the end result will be determined by multiple factors, including the amount of space you have to expand, the condition of the existing vessel, plumbing and equipment, and your design goals for the pool and surrounding landscape. Regardless of the type of conversion, some modifications to the pool’s plumbing and hydraulics will always be necessary.

The first step in either of these types of projects would be to engage BioNova®’s expertise with a PreConstruction Planning Agreement (PCPA). The PCPA will retain the necessary consultation and design services to evaluate the existing conditions, develop a construction plan, and provide a project budget.

Interested in a pool conversion? 

Send us some photos of your pool and equipment to get the process started.

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