The Environmental Impacts of NSP’s – First in the Nation

1st in the nation Natural Swimming Pool display shown with Heated Air Shelter to allow progress through the winter.

As a company that is pushing industry norms, BioNova® gets a lot of questions regarding our technology. At the end of 2021, we broke ground on a project that will allow these questions to be answered better than ever before. This coming summer, the first NSP display pool in North America will be up and running, and available for visits.

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A Busy Spring: Backyarding, Inspirations, & our Non-profit

Hello readers, and thanks for visiting the BioNova blog once again. We are switching to a bi-weekly blog schedule to write more inclusive articles with a variety topics you want to read. Comments and suggestions give us great feedback, so let us know what you think. Let’s jump in together! “Backyarding” is a New Normal … Read more

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