BioNova Natural Pools Wins 1st Place!

At the International Organization for natural Bathing water (IOB) 2023 conference held in Brussels, Belgium, September 27-28, 2023 BioNova® Natural Pools USA won a 1st Place Award for its Webber Park Natural Pool installation in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Public Natural Swimming Pool entries from around the world were submitted with the other finalists coming from Germany … Read more

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Fox Pool Dealer Seminar 2022

The Schnaak's and Robyn's at the Fox Pool Dealer Seminar 2022

Allen and Linda Schnaak, James and Hae-Sun Robyn attended the Fox Pool Corp 2022 Dealer Seminar in St Petersburg, Florida. BioNova® has been a Fox Pool Dealer for many years. In addition to the steel and concrete pool systems that Fox manufactures, Fox also manufactures the vault for the BioNova® BF4 biological filtration system.

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The Environmental Impacts of NSP’s – First in the Nation

1st in the nation Natural Swimming Pool display shown with Heated Air Shelter to allow progress through the winter.

As a company that is pushing industry norms, BioNova® gets a lot of questions regarding our technology. At the end of 2021, we broke ground on a project that will allow these questions to be answered better than ever before. This coming summer, the first NSP display pool in North America will be up and running, and available for visits.

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