Our Process

We have developed the following design process through years of experience installing Natural Swimming Pools (NSPs)

Step 1 – Ask the Expert:

Our process begins with a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your project.  This is the opportunity to answer your questions, discuss your wants and needs, AND give us an opportunity to understand the scope of the project.

Step 2 – PreConstruction Planning Agreement:

The PCPA is a tool to contractually engage BioNova® to begin the planning of the NSP project. Whether the pool is being designed by a landscape designer, or you'd like to work with us to develop concepts, the PCPA provides our engineering of the hydraulics, the structural engineering of the NSP, and identifies the correct equipment required to support the NSP design. The budget for the project will also result from this work.

Step 3 – The Budget:

The activities and consultation provided under the PCPA will provide a budget for the project as planned.  Typically, this budget will not include aspects of the project outside the scope of the swimming pool and associated systems. Once approval of the design and budget are obtained, we will move to the development of a construction plan.

Step 4 – Construction Plan:

This is the phase in which we translate the design idea into detailed working documents for our BioNova® Dealers to build from.  Construction drawings usually include a fully dimensioned and key-noted site plan, with referenced detail drawings and specifications calling out specific materials and construction methods.  Detailed construction drawings, and itemization of the equipment ensure that you know exactly what you are getting for the money that you are spending.

Step 5 – Construction:

Our authorized BioNova® dealer will provide a construction contract to complete the project. This oversight is your confirmation of a Certified BioNova® Natural Swimming Pool. An application for a building permit will be filed to begin construction.

Process Summary

  • Obtain topographical survey
  • Meetings with client to discuss master plan and review budget
  • Provide scaled drawings and artistic renderings
  • Specify equipment and hydraulics requirements
  • Provide engineered drawings, structural plans, grading/drainage plans
  • Construction proposal
  • Submit for building permits
  • Begin construction
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