How Diatoms Benefit a Body of Water

Diatoms outcompete less desirable forms of algae for nutrients in the water reducing harmful blue-green algae and filamentous algae (string algae). They are able to do this because they photosynthesize earlier and in less light therefore they are able to consume nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus before the nuisance algae. Diatoms are the primary food source at the base … Read more

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Planetary Science, Landscape Architecture and the Future of Swimming Pools

NASA’s image of what Venus might have looked like 3 billion years ago (Courtesy NASA)

“Robyn’s piece goes to show that a global perspective on how we use the earth’s vital resources isn’t enough—you need to travel to the planets to get the big picture”. Dr. Anthony F. Aveni, Colgate University Professor of Astronomy and Professor of Anthropology Much of the talk today is about going to Mars and I’ve … Read more

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Lovely Lilies

It’s water lily season! We hope everyone is having a great summer, and with air temperatures rising the water temperatures are also climbing making it prime water lily blooming season as well! (above) A trio of White Juno night blooming water lilies. These white flowers are 10″ in diameter and open in the evening and … Read more

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Coming to Life

Our natural pools in the Northeast are waking up and coming to life, providing their owners with beautiful, chemical-free waters. In Mendham, NJ we had the opportunity to check in on a pool going into its second season of operation and it looked amazing! The plants are coming back and blooming. Lilly pads are floating … Read more

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