Welcome to the BioNova® News Feed/Blog

You may have noticed that BioNova® has just gone live with our new website. We did not want to delay any of the great information we have included. We are currently bringing this News Feed/Blog up to date. Until then you can read our What We’ve Been Doing archive or view some of our beautiful … Read more

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Lovely Lilies

It’s water lily season! We hope everyone is having a great summer, and with air temperatures rising the water temperatures are also climbing making it prime water lily blooming season as well! (above) A trio of White Juno night blooming water lilies. These white flowers are 10″ in diameter and open in the evening and … Read more

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Finishing the Stream

We’ve run electrical service to the pumps that will circulate water through this unique under-driveway stream in Princeton, NJ. The plumbing has been completed all we need to do is to fill it up with water and then we will be ready to see it in action. Stay tuned!

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