Natural Swimming Pool Depth Recommendation

One common misconception about natural swimming pools (among many misconceptions) is that they are just waterproof holes in the ground with little to no engineering involved. At BioNova, we quell these myths when discussing a natural swimming pool depth recommendation with our clients. As our President, James Robyn, has recently said in an article: 

“If we are constructing a vessel, at least in the U.S., with the intent of having people swim in it, it’s imperative that it be permitted and constructed in conformance with applicable swimming pool codes. Depth configurations, access/egress design, VGB compliance, electrical safety, diving envelopes, etc., should be adhered to. Failure to do so opens up the homeowner and the contractor to serious liability should someone be injured or killed in the pool.”

James Robyn, President and CEO of BioNova North America

When our clients discuss what they want in a natural swimming pool, we ask them to consider what features they envision. This helps us determine the proper natural swimming pool depth recommendation to accentuate those features and make them safe!

Do I want a diving board or water slide?

If training a future Olympic swimmer (or practicing beautiful swan dives) is what you desire, then you’ll want a diving board. Naturally, the speed at which you enter the water will necessitate a deeper swim zone. The final depth is contingent upon the height and length of the diving board over the pool. The America National Standards Institute (ANSI) requires a minimum depth for in-ground pools with diving boards between 7.5 feet to 9 feet. However, some municipalities set their own requirements. BioNova follows all city codes dictating pool construction, so we research local codes for you as part of our planning and design process.

Although water entry is shallower for most water slides; they still must be properly constructed to ensure safe egress, or entry, into the pool. In keeping with ANSI guidelines, they are typically built over a water depth of 36″, which drops to 42″ to 54″. 

Can pool depth be adjusted for aquatic fitness or pool aerobics?

Whether you’re playing Marco Polo, or water polo, there is a pool shape and depth right for the job! A flat-bottomed pool with a consistent depth provides the most even playing field when it comes to aquatic fitness or pool games. The BioNova BioPool is a terrific option for a custom build to suit pool games, lap swimming, or just a simple float for meditation.

What does a natural swimming pool depth recommendation mean for kids?

In a previous blog post, we’ve mentioned a lounge area for tanning that featured a shallow splash zone. This is the perfect feature for young ones that need to remain close by and is a safe zone around 12″ deep. Bask away in the sun while you’re feet and ankles stay cool in the water. The kids will have enough depth to play with submarines or snorkel for hidden treasures! Add a lounge chair, umbrella, and turn on your water feature for a zen experience you can’t get at a crowded beach!

We hope we’ve cleared up a few questions about natural swimming pool depth recommendations. If you’re interested in discussing more ideas or in starting to plan your NSP experience, contact us today for a consultation (LINK)! For any other questions, download our free Definitive Guide to NSPs, and to see amazing photos this coming spring and summer, follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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