Pool Conversion: From Chemical to Natural Swimming Pool

If you’ve thought about a pool conversion from a traditional chemical pool to a natural swimming pool (NSP), you’re not alone! Other pool owners across America have made the switch because they’re tired of chemical maintenance and want improved energy savings. Others chose to make an NSP part of their plan to renovate a backyard space. Pool conversion costs will vary depending on the type of project you have in mind and the materials you decide to use. Ask yourself these questions if you’re on the fence about restoring the empty hole or dirty mess in your backyard!

Are You Tired of Adding Chemicals To Water?

Info graphic that shows the lifecycle of pool chemicals from ground to disposal
Chemicals are not sustainable

Chasing a constantly shifting water standard can be frustrating and feel like a waste of time and money. Consequently, the overall logistics for mining, refining, shipping, stocking, and purchasing pool chemicals is exhaustive and unsustainable. There are natural ways to keep your pool clean, and biological filtration is one of them. A BF4 Biofilm reactor is a straightforward pool conversion solution installed adjacent to the area in question. It uses biofilm formation and microbial communities to out-compete harmful bacteria and bolster beneficial bacteria. Don’t let chlorine tablets or pH kits dictate how you clean your pool. Let nature do the job she’s been doing for millennia!

Do You Want a Lower Energy Bill?

Fixed-speed pumps and regulators have to maintain a pressure threshold to properly operate . The costs associated with these pool pumps can be a drain on the power grid and your wallet throughout the swimming season. Conversely, a natural swimming pool conversion can use a much more efficient and sustainable pump system. NSP filters are not pressurized vessels like chemical pools. This means that with an electrical consumption equivalent of two 100-watt light bulbs, the pool could function entirely off the grid if tied into a solar panel array.

Do You Want Beautiful Aquatic Plants?

The sound of running water can be so serene. A great compliment to this sound would be the look of vibrant and verdant plants around your pool. An NSP regeneration zone features a host of aquatic plants that will clean and filter the water as an alternative to chemicals and power-gulping filters. A BioSwim Pond™ utilizes these regeneration zones for a pool conversion option if you’re considering switching from a chemical to natural swimming pool. Thought it will require a larger area to account for the swim zone’s surface area, but the beauty it can offer is stunning. 

So, if you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then a pool conversion from a chemical to natural swimming pool could be the right choice for you. A BioPool® conversion maintains your existing pool’s look and integrity with an adjacent installation of a BF4 Biofilm reactor. Or you could create a backyard oasis with the additional space needed to form a BioSwim Pond™ regeneration zone with plants that clean and filter your water. In either option, you ditch the chemicals, live more energy efficiently, and have some amazing blooms to indulge in. Contact BioNova® to discuss your pool conversion ideas and goals!

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