Why Hire a Pool Designer?

Simple pool shapes and minimal aesthetics are timeless in their design. They offer a contemporary look with clean lines and sharp contrast. There is something to be said for creating a gorgeous, multifaceted pool in your backyard, however. Water features, curved shapes, and even the regeneration zone with aquatic plants can become a sightline using a keen eye for design. When you want the best design and efficient spatial use for your pool, a designer can help flesh out your ideas and offer some professional insight. ‘Why hire a pool designer,’ you may ask. Consider these four reasons to let a professional design team manage the look of your pool to save you time, headache, and sore muscles!

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Pools

The best reason to hire a pool designer is to help plan your vision. Any wise planner may tell you about the 5 “P” s of any goal: proper preparation prevents poor performance. The same can be said about any pool management. A holistic plan with phases and itemized breakdowns makes things easier to conceptualize in the moment and the future. Aquatic architects create a master plan and go over the stages to make sure you are both on the same page. A professional plan will take the data from your yard (available space, drainage, etc.) and look at it as an ecological system with moving parts. This big picture view allows for more in-depth designs in the future. It narrows your interests to specific styles, textures, and colors, as well as addressing any current or future problems with your yard like erosion control.

Eco-friendly design knowledge

Blooming annuals and ornamental shrubs can be eye-catching pieces on a pool’s edge. Pool designers have the skills to work with landscape architects to use ecological design principles effectively. A BioSwimPond™ is a prime example of how these two zones can work together for amazing scenery. BioSwimPonds™ can also incorporate native plants, further benefiting the local ecology around your pool. A pool that takes care of itself means you spend more time enjoying the view than pulling weeds or adding chemicals to the water.

Plumbing and Electric Systems

The plumbing and electrical systems of an NSP are less complicated than traditional systems, but that doesn’t mean an easier installation. A pool designer will be able to plan around maintenance boxes, solar panels, and pump manifolds and lines. The last thing you’d want is for your pond skimmer box to be a splash hazard for your pump.

Raise your property value

Simply put, a pool will increase the value of your plot, especially one with a great design. Your yard can become one of the best investments for your home by adding as much as 10% to its value compared to other similar houses. Softscapes and hardscapes will not only add value but also extend your living space. Water features, diving boards, and water gardens can create an inviting and environmentally sustainable area through a pool designer’s drafting pen. A recent survey from Virginia Tech stated that “results showed…relatively large landscape expenditures significantly increase perceived home value and will result in a higher selling price than homes with a minimal landscape.”

If you feel overwhelmed or unsure about some aspects of your designs, remember these reasons to hire a pool designer and installers to do the heavy thinking and lifting for you! We work with our BioNova® Dealer Partners, including landscape and pool architects, across the U.S. to make sure our clients have the inspired design they want. Contact us today to make your rippling pool dreams splash into reality!

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