3 Reasons You Should Care About Natural Swimming Pools

For some, the transition from the endless summer nights to the short, brisk days of fall is a bit reflective. Remember the road trips for a dip in a local swimming hole to beat the seasonal heat? The rope swings and cliff jumping provided hours of entertainment with friends in the sunshine. What if that feeling could be captured in your backyard swimming pool? What if you could dive into a beautiful, naturally purified pool as soon as the butterflies arrived in spring? 

Natural Swimming Pools Offer More than Nostalgia

BioNova® can help bottle that nostalgia year after year. Stop wondering “what if” and think about these three reasons why you should care about natural swimming pools (NSPs).

  1. Environmentally friendly fun – When you decide to invest in an NSP, know that BioNova® has a foundational principle of environmental stewardship. We know water is a critical resource that must be respected and natural swimming pools implement sustainable designs to work with nature’s complex systems to create an outdoor recreational experience like no other.
  2. The sustainable choice for lasting peace of mind – Traditional pools that use chemicals will continue to drain resources over their lifespan, monetarily and environmentally. Chemical maintenance is a constant battle, and the logistics behind pool additive sourcing, transport, and application are a wasteful cycle. BioNova® NSPs are completely chemical-free.
  3.  An investment that pays for itself – Compare the ongoing costs associated with chemically treated pools to an NSP, and the difference is as crystal clear as our biologically filtered water. BioNova® even offers traditional pool renovation for homeowners interested in converting to an organic pool. Natural swimming pools are a generational investment that pays for itself over time with energy efficient plumbing and no chemicals to purchase!

Find more reasons to discover why you should care about natural swimming pools by reading our updated 2021 Definitive Guide to NSPs. This free document contains a bit of history, science, design philosophy, and much more; if you enjoy what you read, please share it with a friend! The photos inside show several projects of varying scale and aesthetic choices. The main takeaway BioNova® wants to convey is that a swimming pool with clear, naturally purified water is just a short consultation away.

On the Horizon

In the coming weeks, the BioNova® blog will go into more detail about what NSPs are (and aren’t) and the multitude of design features that give the pools their character. Feature articles on BioNova® show just how much we’re growing across North America, and an upcoming video series will provide deep dives on methods and projects we want to put a spotlight on. We also want to mention our terrific BioNova® Dealer Partners. These swimming pool contractors are a big reason we can offer services across North America, maybe even in a location near you!

As always, we want our community of readers and fans to interact with us. We are always expanding our FAQ section as well. If you don’t see an answer to your burning question, let us know via email or on our social media channels like Facebook, Instagram. A Youtube page is on the horizon where we will post fun video content of in-progress builds and waterscape features. We’re looking forward to putting out more great content in the future so stay tuned!

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