Lovely Lilies

It’s water lily season! We hope everyone is having a great summer, and with air temperatures rising the water temperatures are also climbing making it prime water lily blooming season as well! (above) A trio of White Juno night blooming water lilies. These white flowers are 10″ in diameter and open in the evening and stay open until 9 am.

This cluster of five Pink Grapefruit lilies stand high above the water’s surface
Nymphaea ‘Wanvisa’ is a Dr. N. Nopchai Charnsilpa discovered hardy waterlily created in 2009 and the IWGS Winner of the 2010 New Waterlily Competition. If you’re lucky, sometimes the flower has a reversion to the mother parent’s bright yellow flowers and you get portions of yellow and peach in the offspring flowers, giving it a beautiful split color as seen here.
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