BioNova™ Leads the Way

BioNova's history in North America began in 2007, when James and Hae-Sun Robyn pioneered bringing the BioNova™ systems from Germany. Since then, BioNova™ has been the First in every category of marketing, installation, technological innovation, maintenance, training, product provision, Dealer support, and education for NSPs in North America.

  • BioNova™ is the largest/oldest Natural Swimming Pool (NSP) systems provider in North America.
  • BioNova™ has completed more NSP installations in North America than all other systems providers combined.
  • BioNova™ is wholly American owned and operated.

Other significant Firsts include:

  • BioNova™ is the leading systems provider in North America and the first to have successful NSP installations in climates from California to Connecticut and from Toronto to Texas.
  • BioNova™ is the first systems provider to build an NSP in the USA and Canada.
  • BioNova™ expertise was used for the design and installation of the first Public NSP in North America at Webber Park in Minneapolis, MN.
  • BioNova™ is the first to have Dealers in North America (since 2007) and continues to have more Dealers than all other systems providers.


  • BioNova™ is the only NSP systems provider to have a complete support staff based in North America.
  • BioNova™ is the only NSP systems provider to have a complete warehouse and distribution facility in North America.
  • BioNova™ Dealers were the first to receive training in North America and have attended regular training courses in English every year since 2008.
  • BioNova™ is the only swimming pool company in the US to exhibit at the US Green Building Council Greenbuild Expo.

And finally:

  • BioNova™ has lectured at more venues in North America than all other NSP firms combined - see our What We've Been Doing page to see how we continue to lead the way.
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