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maineLocation:  Blue Hill, Maine

Date Completed:  2014

Designer:  BioNova™ Natural Pools

Builder:  Rin Robyn Pools

Swim Area:  1,325 sq ft

Regeneration Zone:  1,525 sq ft

Total Footprint:  2,850 sq ft

FLL Type:  V

Project Features:

• Natural edge
• Renovation of existing man-made pond

• Upper regeneration zone
• Waterfall with source stream
• Black EPDM and 60 mil PVC liner
• Free-form naturalistic shape

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“A few years ago, I made a foolish decision. I chose a bargain basement natural pool installer. Fast forward three years, and my pool is clogged with algae, requires a vast amount of maintenance, and a whole host of filters just to be swimmable. I finally decided to do what I should have done from the beginning. I called BioNova™. From the very beginning, I was impressed by BioNova’s professionalism and by their wealth of knowledge. They redesigned our natural swimming pool, correcting for the mistakes the original installer had made. They were responsive and responsible, performed work in a timely manner, and were very easy to deal with. The pool functions far more effectively now, and is far more beautiful. The new filtration system they installed is working far better, when problems come up (mostly having to do with holdovers from the old system) they deal with them. They helped to train a local landscaper to maintain the pool, so we now have on site maintenance and troubleshooting. This is very important, because we live in a fairly remote area. I only wish I had hired BioNova™ from the very beginning.”
– A.W. near Blue Hill, ME

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