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Natural pools are intended to be maintained without any chemicals and/or devices that would kill bacteria, microbes, animals, or plant life. The filtration, cleaning, and clarifying of bathing water takes place purely by hydraulic and biological processes. All bathers should know that the water is not disinfected or sterilized by any chemical or mechanical means and that the vessel should be regarded as a swimming pool for considerations of health and safety.

BioNova™ Natural Swimming Pools (NSPs) are built to operate using the same biological principles and functions that Mother Nature uses to clarify and purify natural bodies of water like ponds, streams and lakes. An NSP is a biologically active living system which provides the conditions for an ideal mix of beneficial microorganisms, aquatic flora, and fauna.


The Human Microbiome

The human body relies on microbes for many aspects of health. In fact, the human body is 90% microbial cells! Without these helpful microbes, our bodies aren’t able to ward off infections, and we might actually get sick more often. Much like the human body, a Natural Swimming Pool utilizes beneficial bacteria and microbes to keep the water clear, clean, and healthful for swimming. This begs the question, “Is it really necessary or even in our best interest to kill all of the microbes in recreational bathing water?”

While it is a personal decision to swim in sterile or all-natural water, hopefully the video below will help you understand the importance of our microbe friends and the advantages of all-natural swimming and bathing water.

Video courtesy of NPR

How Is the Water Cleaned?

All Natural Swimming Pools have a clearly defined swimming area and a constructed wetlands (regeneration zone) which consists of deep water, shallow, and marginal zones. In each of these zones are carefully selected aquatic plants which extract excess nutrients from the water and help with the cleaning of the pool. These plants are hydroponically rooted in gravel and other special aggregates. Water from the swimming area is pumped through these biological and botanical filters where the plants, microorganisms, and other small life forms clarify and purify the water. Skimmers and overflow channels remove leaves and other debris from the surface.

By mechanically circulating the water using controlled, directed flow through the regeneration zone, impurities are broken down the way Nature intended without the use of harmful chemicals. Our patented, eco-friendly constructed wetlands technology replicates and optimizes Mother Nature’s natural processes.

NSP Ecological relationships

What Does an NSP Look Like?

The swimming and regeneration zones in the Natural Swimming Pool can be united (one-pot), or the regeneration zone can be either partially or completely separated from the swimming area of the pool (two-pot). A general rule of thumb is that about half of the pool is plant-free and designated for swimming while the other half is for regeneration and cleaning.

The design of the regeneration zone allows it to function like a natural reservoir for the biological cleaning process. Typically, very small energy-efficient pumps run 24/7 for the operation of the biological system and sometimes auxiliary pumps are used for additional cleaning cycles at intervals throughout the bathing season. Overflow channels can be replaced by skimmers that operate independent of the water level.

natural pools

Why Choose BioNova™?

BioNova™ has set many milestones in technological developments for NSPs. With many construction options to choose from, our team of experts will design a Natural Swimming Pool that realizes your dreams for both aesthetics and functionality, and we can offer a solution adapted to your budget.

BioNova™’s many years of successful experience in the design and construction of residential and large scale public Natural Swimming Pools means that we offer a reasoned and mature approach to this exciting technology. This gives BioNova™ a genuine advantage when considering the design and construction of a residential Natural Swimming Pool in your backyard.

More Information

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