BioNova™ Natural Swimming Pools

BioPool® Family of BioNova™ NSPs

BioNova™ offers a wide range of design options that can provide complete solutions for your Natural Swimming Pool (NSP). In addition to fully custom-designed NSPs, we offer cost-effective, pre-configured pools in two distinctive styles, each with three different shapes and sizes. The BioNova™ BioPool® uses our proven, patented biological filtration technology to ensure exceptional water quality while staying within your budget. BioPool® technology can also be adapted to retrofit an existing swimming pool, effectively converting it to a 100% chemical-free BioNova™ Natural Swimming Pool.

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The BioPool® Type 3 is a single-chamber NSP with an integrated regeneration zone. This pool design provides a pond-like swimming experience where aquatic plants grow adjacent to the swimming area of the pool.

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The BioPool® Type 5 is a multi-chamber NSP with a separated regeneration zone. This design provides a more traditional pool-like swimming experience and the flexibility to install the two vessels in different locations on your property.

biopool biopool


BioNova™ Natural Pools – The Pool Reinvented – Plants Instead of Chemicals™

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