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E321: Natural Swimming Pools

The Pool Reinvented – Plants Instead of Chemicals™

Learn about the latest design trends, techniques, and technological developments for
Natural Swimming Pools/Ponds (NSPs)



April 09, 2019 – Newark, NJ

Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott
1 Hotel Road
Newark, NJ 07114


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This course is certified for 6.0 Professional Development Hours by the
ASLA Landscape Architecture Continuing Education System (LACES)
and 0.6 IACET CEUs by GENESIS® / National Swimming Pool Foundation®

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For more information, please email:
or call 507-Bio-Nova (507-246-6682)


Natural Swimming Pools/Ponds (NSPs):

The NSP represents a new paradigm for recreational watershapes because it is a completely chemical-free, environmentally friendly, ecologically harmonious, and sustainable choice for a swimming pool. Only natural biological processes are harnessed to clarify and purify the pool water. No sterilizers or disinfectants of any kind are used; No ozone, no UV or ions, no chlorine, no bromine, no biguanide, no pH adjusters, no alkalinity adjusters, no algaecides, no clarifiers or flocculants, no oxidizers, and no shocks. The elimination of chemicals substantially lowers the environmental costs and embodied energy associated with constructing, maintaining, and operating a swimming pool. NSPs offer a very low carbon footprint, and the energy efficient pump and filter hydraulics further reduce the environmental impact and long term cost of ownership of a Natural Swimming Pool.

Typical attendees will be:

• Landscape Architects and Designers
• Pool and Pond Designers
• Contractors
• Homeowners
• Students

Presentation Topics will include:

• History of NSPs
• FLL Guidelines
• How Natural Swimming Pools Work
• How to Design a Natural Swimming Pool/Pond
• Basic Construction Fundamentals and Hydraulics
• Limnology, Water Quality, and Algae Control
• Aquatic Plants
• Maintenance


Testimonials from previous seminars:

“Thank you for the wonderful presentation. It was educational and inspiring.”
Tim Williamson, Graduate Student, UMD Department of Environmental Science and Technology

“After several months of consideration, and knowing the US market is ripe for Natural Swimming Pool contractors, I attended the BioNova™ seminar in San Francisco and I am now proud to be a BioNova™ Partner on California’s Central Coast! BioNova™ not only demonstrates their years of knowledge and expertise, but identifies clearly that being the founding leader in this industry is an essential piece to constructing a successful Natural Swimming Pool. My clients now know I have the experience behind me to design and build a Natural Swimming Pool properly.”
Troy Becker, BioNova™ Dealer, Ojai Pool Store

“I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. The information was exciting as I truly feel this is the “wave of the future” as more people in the US become interested in sustainability.”
Doreen Tapley, Homeowner

“I was very impressed with the seminar. The information was very informative and the presentation was put together very well.”
Darren Schelsky, Principal, Schelsky’s Landscape & Irrigation

“I have not told anybody that I am into doing this, they are finding me.  Right place right time I guess.  Thanks so much, the workshop was very helpful. I have a deeper understanding of the principles.”
Kerry KenCairn, Principal, KenCairn Landscape Architecture

“I gained a great deal of important knowledge from this seminar…it was a productive experience for us all…with a great deal of knowledge that I can use everyday.”
William A. Johnson, Field Technical Engineer, Firestone Specialty Products

“Wanted to thank you for your great presentation! We greatly appreciated your knowledge and expertise”
Candide Valadares, President, Candide Landscaping and Water Gardens

“I would like to compliment you on a very informative and engaging seminar…the time flew by.  I agree with you that now is the time for these beautiful, sustainable and ecological watershapes to be embraced by an increasingly environmentally aware public.”
Margaret Crowley Hoffman, PhD Candidate doing research in Natural Swimming Pools, Penn State University

“Thought it was a great seminar, very educational and interesting.”
John R. Sampino, SCP PoolCorp.

“We were enlightened as to how a natural swimming pool can take on the look of a formal swimming pool….the pictures were great!”
Bruce Corbett, Corbett Excavating


Seminar Presenter:

profile pictureMr. Alan Weene is Chief Knowledge Officer and Project Manager for BioNova™ Natural Pools North America. Alan’s passion for sustainability and aquatics led him to join BioNova™ in 2012, where he provides project management and technical planning for Natural Swimming Pools across North America. Alan has been involved in the design and construction of all of the residential BioNova™ NSP installations in the United States. Alan frequently conducts educational seminars on NSP technology to educate and inspire homeowners and industry professionals across the country. Alan found BioNova™ while writing a research paper on sustainable alternatives to chemically treated swimming pools. Alan is a graduate of Connecticut College with a degree in Architectural Studies, and in 2018 he completed the Master of Design Studies in Sustainable Design Degree at the Boston Architectural College. Alan has been around swimming pools his whole life in a variety of roles including swim instruction to adults, children, and infants, pool operation, and Aquatics Management. Alan is an authorized provider for the ASLA Landscape Architecture Continuing Education System (LACES), Genesis University Faculty, a Certified Pool Operator, a member of the U.S. Green Building Council New Jersey Chapter, and an American Red Cross CPR, Lifeguarding, and Water Safety Instructor.


Registration and Fee Policy:

We recognize the time and expense you incur to attend these types of training and educational events, and we want to ensure you are getting the value you expect.

We also recommend you include as many persons as possible to attend these events so you can discuss and share the information effectively. While some of the material may be somewhat technical, the seminar is appropriate for all attendees including prospective Natural Swimming Pool clients. Any discussion on material and construction cost will be deferred or done in discretion with respect to the audience.

For these reasons, BioNova™ Natural Pools will implement the following policies to help offset these training and educational expenses:

Cost of seminar for Landscape Architect/Design/Contractor professionals

• $495 for the first attendee (primary contact)
• $50 per person for each additional attendee in your party
• Additional attendees may include Company personnel and/or prospective clients interested in NSPs

Cost of Seminar for Students currently enrolled in College or University

• $95 per student
• Must present valid, current, full-time Student ID prior to event

Your Seminar registration fee will be applied toward future fees/costs incurred if within one (1) year of the event you…

• Execute a License Agreement to become a BioNova™ Franchisee; OR
• Purchase a Preconstruction Planning Agreement (PCPA) for the design and planning of a BioNova™ Natural Swimming Pool


For more information, please email:
or call 507-Bio-Nova (507-246-6682)

Please click here to register online:


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