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Natural Swimming Pools (a.k.a Natural Swimming Ponds or NSPs) use no chemicals whatsoever, water is purified the same way that Mother Nature does it – with plants, beneficial bacteria and microbes.

This natural biological filtration makes an ecologically friendly pool, allows for greater environmental sustainability and very low energy consumption while creating beautiful, unique and fun designs for a healthy, chemical-free swimming experience.

BioNova® Natural Pools’ founders in North America have over 50 years of practical and technical experience in the swimming pool industry and have been working since 2007 to bring the proprietary BioNova® technology, originally developed in Europe, to the United States and Canada. Incorporated in the USA and with a network of licensed BioNova® Dealer Partner companies throughout North America, the firm has integrated the original European ideas with sophisticated American construction techniques, and with best practices in design elements, hydraulics, structural possibilities, and energy efficiencies: all resulting in BioNova® being the clear leader for Natural Swimming Pools in North America.

Distinguished by the longest history of success, surpassing all others in experience and expertise, recognized for design skills and product innovation, validated by US and Canadian patents, the preeminent name in Natural Swimming Pools in the United States and Canada is BioNova® Natural Pools.

BioNova® Natural Pools has North America’s foremost Dealer Partner network of Natural Swimming Pool system experts, bringing a solid history of successful firsts to the Natural Swimming Pool industry. BioNova®’s Dealer Partner network has richly experienced, award winning firms, led by professionals who are highly trained and fully licensed by BioNova® Natural Pools to design, build and maintain your BioNova® Natural Swimming Pool.

To get started toward your BioNova® Natural Swimming Pool installation:

•  Look through our Gallery for the Natural Swimming Pools that best reflect your visions and dreams.
•  Talk to a BioNova® Natural Pools expert – email us to set up time for a conference call.
•  Find your local BioNova® Dealer Partner.
•  Review our FAQs to learn the answers to the most common questions.
•  Read our impressive list of BioNova® “firsts” in magazines and other independent publications as they have reported on this exciting new natural direction in swimming pools.
•  Learn more about Natural Swimming Pools by watching our 30 minute podcast.
•  Check What We’ve Been Doing lately to share and expand our knowledge.
•  Attend a BioNova® seminar.

We hope you will appreciate these organic watershapes as much as we do – for being completely chemical-free, for their ecological sensitivity and low carbon footprint, for their pure, healthy bathing water and their nearly endless design possibilities.

Let’s get started today!

The Pool Reinvented – Plants Instead of Chemicals™
Powered by Nature, Engineered by BioNova®


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BioNova® Natural Pools has been selected for Hanley Wood’s Top 50 Green Products Guide from the USGBC Greenbuild Expo 2013! Please click here to read the Green Products Guide.

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We are also pleased to announce that BioNova® has recently been featured in the Fall 2013 Issue of Luxury Pools Magazine! Please click here to see our profile.



“I go to nature every day for inspiration in the day’s work. I follow in building the principles which nature has used in its domain.” - Frank Lloyd Wright

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.” - William Shakespeare

“We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.” - Albert Einstein

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” - Loren Eiseley


August 22, 2012 – (below) BioNova® Associates enjoy a swim at a BioNova® Natural Swimming Pool installation in Nantucket, Massachusetts. Please click here to watch a time-lapse video of this NSP under construction. Photo and video courtesy of BioNova® Dealer Partner Waterscapes by Jesse Dutra.

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